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Have you ever wanted to decorate your son's or daughter's birthday cake? Maybe you've always wanted to be the cool aunt/uncle that brings the BEST cakes to the party! Or maybe, just maybe, you want to bake and decorate a cake that doesn't look like YOU made it!


We've all been there, at some point or another. That's how I started! I wanted to make my daughter's cakes so the love of learning has expanded to what you see today.


Join me, as I pour into you all the tips and tricks that I have learned throughout my 16 year journey. Everything you need will be provided, so all you have to bring is yourself and a willingness to allow yourself to make mistakes. You might be the 1% that gets it right off the bat, but more than likely, you'll be like the rest of the class and it will look like a disaster. BUT THAT'S OK! That's why you're here! To learn and to get better!


I want you to walk away with the knowledge and confidence to showcase your work!


What's included:

6" vanilla cake** to decorate


tools needed to get the job done

box to take your beautiful creation home

buttercream icing recipe


Refreshments will be provided


We will also be selling a kit of the items you will use, so that you can start out on the right foot.


**If you need a GF cake, please let us know upon purchasing.


Please allow up to 2 hours per class.


This class in non-refundable. If you cannot make this class, please let us know and we can schedule you for another date.

March Cake Decorating Basics 101


    Welcome to Hamley Bake Shoppe!

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