Prime Day 2023
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join our team!

We love what we do at HBS and are looking for fun, motivated, and creative people to join our ever-growing team! Hamley Bake Shoppe is accepting applications for the following positions:


We are always looking for experienced baristas for all shifts.  However, no experience is required but it's always a plus!


We're looking for talented and creative bakers to help us with our daily case and holiday items, Tuesday-Saturday! The responsibilities of a baker/decorator include, but are not limited to, baking and decorating cakes, making lots and lots of buttercream, making cookie dough, filling macarons, cupcake decorating, cleaning, organizing, and helping with holiday specials in the kitchen.  Commercial kitchen experience preferred and if you're applying to decorate then a portfolio of your work is required.

Kitchen Assistant:

This is a great way to get some experience in a commercial kitchen! We're looking for a hard working, fun, and responsible person to join our HBS kitchen! The responsibilities of a kitchen assistant include, but are not limited to, filling macarons, assisting with cupcake decorating, making buttercream, cleaning, organizing, and helping with holiday specials in the kitchen! Perfect for an after school high school job, or someone who can work during the day to get into the industry! No experience necessary but always a plus!

All positions must be able to lift at least 25lbs, and are required to wash dishes, sweep and mop, dust, clean bathrooms, take out trash, and do any and all necessary duties to keep our establishment looking neat and tidy. 


Please fill out and email your application to, or bring in your application, along with a brief paragraph of why you think you'd be a good fit for Hamley Bake Shoppe!  Thank you!

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Prime Day 2023