Prime Day 2023
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This is probably our MOST requested class of all time. We have limited seating because I want this to be very informative and worth your time and money. Making macarons is a very finicky process where even the pros make mistakes. I will be there, assisting you with every step on how to make these delicate little cookies, answer any questions, and give you some tips along the way. 


It's tedious and very precise but I hope that after making these with me,  you will be confident enough to make them at home. 


Join me, as I pour into you all the tips and tricks that I have learned throughout my 16 year journey. Everything you need will be provided, so all you have to bring is yourself and a willingness to allow yourself to make mistakes. You might be the 1% that gets it right off the bat, but more than likely, you'll be like the rest of the class and it will look like a disaster. BUT THAT'S OK! That's why you're here! To learn and to get better!


I want you to walk away with the knowledge and confidence to showcase your work!


What's included:


tools needed to get the job done

box to take your beautiful creation home

macaron recipe

buttercream icing recipe


Refreshments will be provided


We will also be selling a kit of the items you will use, so that you can start out on the right foot.


Please allow up to 3+ hours per class. 


This class in non-refundable. If you cannot make this class, please let us know and we can schedule you for another date.

April Macaron Class

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