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FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts on your cookies?   Unfortunately there are no discounts for ordering a large number of cookies.  The more cookies you order the more time it takes us to create them! 


Do you donate to local schools, charities, etc? We definitely try to donate where we can, however we receive a ton of requests and have discovered that our impact goes furthest when we donate directly to the schools. We do review all donation requests within 30 days and will respond accordingly. If we are not able to fulfill your request at this time, it is nothing personal to you. We wish you the very best of luck! 


Can I order through social network?  We do not finalize any orders through any social networking sites. Please send all order inquiries through our website at and we will be in contact with you.


Is a deposit required when placing an order?  We require a 50% deposit to confirm your date on our calendar. We will send you an invoice for the deposit via email. If you have not paid it within 72 hrs your name will be removed from our calendar to make room for another person. Your may pay your balance the day you pick up your cake. For any orders with a quoted price of less than $100.00 payment is required in full at time of the order. 


What happens if my date changes? Because we are a small business, we limit the amount and complexity of orders that we will accommodate on any given day. With weddings, that means that once we book with you, theres a good chance we’re turning down additional business for that day. For that reason, deposits are non-refundable. But don’t worry! If your date has changed, please let us know as soon as possible. If we are still available, we’ll work with you to make the change. In the case that an event is canceled outright or we are booked for the new date, we will return your deposit as a store credit. No cash refunds will be given for cancelled events. 


I’m getting married during the summer, in Alabama, with an outside reception , but I must have an all buttercream cake. What can you do for me?  We can make you a fantastically beautiful faux cake, and have lovely buttercream sheet cakes waiting inside in the AC to be served to your guests. Buttercream is butter and sugar that have been creamed together. It will melt in the hot temperatures.


How much do your custom cakes cost? Our custom cakes start at $100. Prices go up from there depending on designs, serving sizes, details, special decorations, etc. I understand that the prices might seem high to some. Please understand, you are not just paying for a cake. You are paying for creativity, time, and skill. We spend numerous hours making your cake as amazing as we can. 


I am allergic to everything. Can you accommodate me? That depends. When it comes to allergies, we don’t want to play around. Our bakery uses nuts, peanuts, dairy, coconut, wheat products, and eggs, so please use caution if you have an allergy to one of these products. Sometimes people select a traditional cake for the majority of the guests and select one or two small items to accommodate the family member with the dietary restrictions. 


Do you deliver? We are currently not delivering cakes at this time. We will have your cake boxed up and ready to go when you get here and we will help you to your car. After your cake leaves the bakery we are not responsible for what happens. Please keep in mind, buttercream does melt in the heat! In the summer months keep your car cool during transport! 


How far ahead should I get on your calendar? - The earlier the better! During the busy summer months and wedding season, our books fill up very quickly. Occasionally we can fit in last minute orders; however this is dependent completely upon our weekly schedule.  Please remember, you are not officially on our calendar until we have received your deposit. 


Do you offer tastings? We offer tastings for our wedding cakes only. For other events, you may purchase cupcakes or other treats in the bakery. 


Do you use frozen cakes? Absolutely not! All of our desserts and cakes are made fresh at time of order. 


Where are you located? What are you hours of operation?  We are located at 12023 Hwy 231-431N in Meridianville next to Dominos Pizza. Our hours are as follows. Sundays & Mondays we are closed. Tuesday thru Friday 6:30am-3pm. Saturday 8am-3pm.



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